Festivals & Celebrations

5 Quirky and Unusual Festivals in the World

International Hair Freezing Contest (Yukon, Canada)
Participants take a dip in a hot spring and let the frigid air freeze their hair. They can then take photos of their frozen ‘dos and send them to organizers who will then pick the winners in March. Who said frozen hair is not a thing?

Kanamara Matsuri (Kawasaki, Japan)
Kanamara Matsuri
Also known as the Festival of Fertility, this quirky phallus-themed festival is celebrated in spring usually during the first Sunday of April. Here you will find all types of penis-shaped items of all sizes — from statues to candies and toys.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival (Hong Kong, China)
Cheung Chau Bun Festival
This festival typically falls on the month of May and observes long-held traditions. Its Bun Towers are among the events famous attractions where carefully constructed towering piles of buns await participants who will join the race to scramble up the tower while getting as many buns as they can.

Lopburi Monkey Banquet (Lopburi, Thailand)
Lopburi Prang Sam Yot
The Monkey Buffet Festival of Lopburi is a feast for the roughly two thousand monkeys that reside in the area. Locals prepare feasts typically consisting of fruits, vegetables, and other treats they can add into the mix. See the monkeys enjoy the banquet in between playing around and doing as much mischief as they could manage.

Battle of Oranges (Ivrea, Italy)
Battle of Oranges
An organized food fight at its best, the Battle of Oranges is a reenactment of a historic event for the townspeople of Ivrea. The townsfolk are divided into nine teams who, dressed in battle attire and armed with oranges, proceed to fight as they try to “kill” members of the opposing teams.